Bridget’s Journey

Bridget’s Journey (October 2013), written as a school project, is the third book I finished writing, but my first to be published. It is a Christian historical fiction novel set in Prince Edward Island, Canada.

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(Back Cover) In the year 1900, all Bridget Foxx wants is to stay in Boston. The problem is, she can’t because both her parents have died. Bridget is sent to Prince Edward Island in Canada to live with her mother’s parents whom she has never met. Thus begins Bridget’s journey from despair to the hope that she can make new friends, love her grandparents and perhaps even feel at home in Prince Edward Island. She might also discover that God never once left her alone.

(Bridget’s Journey, Chapter 1, page 1) Bridget looked down at the large hole in the earth where the wooden coffin lay with piles of fresh dirt covering the top and sliding off the sides. The men around her continued to shovel more of the dark brown earth into the hole. Jonathan Foxx’s relatives and friends clad in black clothing slowly walked away towards the house on the Foxx estate, which was positioned very near the graveyard. Bridget stayed where she was standing, staring and staring and staring upon the large, ugly box, or where it should be since it was now invisible under all the dirt.

There were many graves in this small graveyard. Some had tombstones standing taller than Bridget herself. Some had only tablets in the ground, not seen unless you looked carefully in the grass. The only grave Bridget saw, however, was the one that wasn’t even in the ground yet. She was seeing it in her imagination.

“Bridget.” A woman whispered softly in her ear. She hadn’t noticed anyone coming up to her. Or perhaps she had been standing next to her this whole time.

“Bridget,” she whispered again, louder this time. “Your aunt Elise wants you to come inside now. Go on, dear child. You can’t stand staring at the ground forever, you know. It looks like rain, the clouds are so dark!”