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The War Within: Published!

I’m so excited to announce that The War Within is officially published as of yesterday!!

There are always a lot of emotions that go into self-publishing: joy, exhaustion, pride, anxiety. Usually there’s a bit of frustration toward the end due to the complications of the formatting process, but this time things went really smoothly, all things considered (except when I was working on the cover, but it’s fine, it’s fine). Just like in the past, I’ve felt all the above mentioned emotions in the past couple weeks.

Now that it’s finally published, I feel some anxiety (will people actually read it? will they like what they read?), but mostly joy. It’s so thrilling and so fulfilling to self-publish a novel. I haven’t felt these feelings in a long time and it’s strange to feel the familiar, yet somehow still different, feelings again. Then as soon as all is said and done (every single time) I come to the conclusion that I must self-publish again–soon! I’ve been looking at the other novels I have finished in my documents and thinking how soon I can get the next one ready for self-publication, because it’s just so fun. But I know each novel takes its own time and I just need to be patient through the editing process. (I still hope to do it again faster than four and a half years, though. 😉 )

Well, back to The War Within. It’s available for purchase on Amazon for $9.99! I’d love it if you’d let me know if you get a copy and what you think after you’ve read it! ❤ Check out the official cover below!

The_War_Within_COVER_COVER 2         received_204106724350855

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Thoughts After Writing a Short Story

A belated Merry Christmas and early Happy New Year’s to all of you! I hope your holiday break has been restful and encouraging.

As I prepare some New Year’s resolutions for 2018, I’ve been thinking back on this past fall semester and all that I accomplished. I finished my last four Lumerit courses for the year in 4 months–something I was beginning to doubt I’d be able to do in September. I also entered a short story contest.

In June of this year, a friend told me about a fairy tale retelling contest that was going on (something I might have briefly mentioned in a past blog post) and I couldn’t pass it up! Fairy tale retellings used to be one of my favorite genres and I read many of them growing up. This year’s fairy tale to retell was Snow White. We had 6 months to write and send our short story and I thought to myself, “why not?” I hadn’t entered a writing contest in years and since I was in a bit of a rut writing-wise, it might be good for me to try something new.

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NaNoWriMo 2017: Day 25

Here I sit at my computer, sipping some delicious hot chocolate, my nose running because of a cold, listening contentedly to the La La Land soundtrack. This week has been filled with some much-needed time set aside for resting, writing in my Snow White retelling, playing games with family and watching my beloved British dramas. Thanksgiving always arrives just when I need some time to relax as well as time to remember all that I have to be thankful for.

One of the many things I’m thankful for today is that I finished writing the rough draft of my Snow White retelling for the contest on Wednesday (day 23)! After writing the last paragraph, I have tentatively titled it The War Within and I’m pretty happy with it (title and overall story). It is definitely a major retelling of Snow White (i.e., mostly an original story with splashes of Snow White themes here and there), but I did my best and even if it doesn’t get to be one of the chosen 5 for the Rooglewood novel, I am very happy with it and would love to publish it on my own separately at some point. Besides editing it myself, I sent it to a few trusted friends as well as my aunt for some constructive criticism. All that to say, it should be finished by the deadline in mid-December!

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NaNoWriMo 2017: Book Reveal


This is my fifth year participating in NaNoWriMo. The first time I really participated in 2013 (and won!) it was a thrilling challenge filled with adrenaline and feverish typing. As the years have passed, however, the challenge has become easier. It used to take me hours to write 1,000 words. Now, if I put my mind to it, I can write close to 1,500 words in under an hour. The real challenge NaNoWriMo presented the past two years was finding the time to write rather than the previous struggle of writing fast enough. College takes up a lot of my time and energy and when all my work is done for the day, I’d much rather watch an episode of our current K-Drama with my family than write another scene or two.

Last year, I completed the 50,000 word mark in Endeavoring, the prequel to Everlasting. I haven’t touched that project since March and was hoping to finish it during NaNoWriMo this year. However, I had an important deadline this fall to complete four Lumerit courses (12 credits) by Christmas, so I was not able to finish the other two projects I had planned to work on in September and October. So, this year I’m doing things a little differently.

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