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After you are done reading Bridget’s Journey or Everlasting, I hope you will consider leaving a review for me on Amazon and/or Goodreads. I love getting feedback from my readers and your reviews can help others who don’t know me personally be persuaded to get their own copy of Bridget’s or Azalea’s story.

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Thank you so much!

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Everlasting is…PUBLISHED!

On Monday, December 21st, 2015, Everlasting was officially published on both CreateSpace and Amazon.


It is currently $12.99 for the paperback on Amazon and CreateSpace.

Keep a lookout for the Kindle version soon! I am hoping to have it released in the New Year.

Also, after I receive my package of books, I am planning to sell autographed copies of Everlasting for $10 each to anyone living in the Raleigh area who would like a copy. I will let you know when those are available–the package should arrive the first week of January 2016.

Once you have read Everlasting, please feel free to make a review on Goodreads or Amazon so I can know how you liked it and so others will know what to expect when purchasing this book!

Before I finish off this post, I would like to thank you for your support and especially to thank those who have invested so much in this work in particular!

Thank you so much to:

My grandma, Mamie, and my sisters, for always encouraging me and listening patiently as I talk constantly about my work, and especially to Sandrine for drawing and painting the beautiful cover.

My dad, for helping me with the technicalities, creating the awesome map and being patient with me.

My mom, for pushing me to continue on and finish whenever I felt discouraged and especially for volunteering to edit it one last time in a hurry before publication.

My friend, Samantha, who is always the first to read whatever I write and who gave me helpful feedback on this book.

My friend, Emory, who is always excited for me in anything related to my writing.

My cousin, Erin, for being my writing buddy and helping me in times of writer’s block with her endless supply of creative ideas.

My one of many inspirations, J.R.R. Tolkien, whose works of fantasy continue to inspire.

And especially to Aunt Andrea, my marvelous editor, who spent many hours of her free time going through this book more than once, coming alongside me with her ideas and knowledge to help me perfect this story and make it the very best it can be!

Another dream come true. In a way it was a “Christmas miracle” that Everlasting got published in time for the holidays and I am so glad that I finally get to share Malachi and Azalea’s story with you!

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Proof Ordered! ~ Update on Everlasting

I am SO excited to announce that the proof copy of Everlasting has been ordered! Thanks to my family’s hard work, the map is complete (besides a few finishing touches), the cover is uploaded and the book is only missing a few more editing details!

Mom and I worked hard yesterday afternoon getting the “interior text” (the document) all ready to go for the file review. This morning I received an e-mail saying that the review had been completed successfully, and I promptly ordered the proof! We paid for super fast shipping, so it should arrive this Thursday. In the meantime, Mom and I will be editing fools as we quickly finish up making this book the best it can be and hopefully it will be ready to self-publish sometime next week!

Everlasting should be available for purchase on Amazon by Christmas.

The excitement is hard to contain!

To help tide you over until then, here is the official description of the book and its official cover! Thank you to my editor, Aunt Andrea, for the awesome description and thanks to my sister Sandrine and Dad for working on the beautiful cover!

(Everlasting, Back Cover) Long ago, the world was filled with creatures of all kinds, and divided into two kingdoms: Memiana, ruled by the humans, and Orutia, ruled by the fairies. Over time, the humans came to resent the fairies, and gradually took away more and more of their land until the fairies were relegated to a small section of the kingdom. But when Zechariah was crowned king of the land, and married Crystal, the beautiful queen of the fairies, together they vowed to restore peace.

All that changed when Queen Crystal died, not long after the birth of their daughter, Mertia. The king’s brother, Sebastian, filled with jealousy and malice, put into motion an evil plot to get rid of the king and the princess, and take over the kingdom for himself.

Years later, amid rumors that Princess Mertia might still be alive, young farmer Malachi Thlop sets out on a quest to find her and bring her back to the castle. His search results in much more than he had bargained for, and soon he joins a motley band of creatures on a mission. Together they are caught up in an exciting and dangerous adventure, as they seek to restore the rightful king to the throne and finally usher in an era of unity and peace.


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I Have the Best Editor Ever!

For almost a year, my aunt Andrea and I have been working together on the Everlasting project. Since she joined the editing boat with me last November or so, we have successfully gone through it twice together (I also went through it once more on my own in between). Over the Labor Day weekend, instead of relaxing with her husband, my Uncle Steve, or watching some TV, she sat down and edited and e-mailed me 16 CHAPTERS! 16 chapters in the course of 3 days!!! On Thursday, she sent me the last two chapters and epilogue of Everlasting. She has been an editing machine! I still have to apply the edits from most of those chapters as activities at community college and church (and homework) have kept me away from my laptop, but her side of the work is done! As soon as I’m done applying all those edits (hopefully I will be finished with that this time next week) I can start the self-publishing process on CreateSpace.

This time last year, I was trying to find someone to go through Everlasting with me before I attempted self-publishing it, but it was difficult as we had just moved from Texas and all my reading and writing friends were suddenly not as close as they used to be. After quite a few months of waiting for the right partner to team up with me, Aunt Andrea mentioned during one of her visits to our house that if I ever needed someone to look at my stories, she would be happy to help. So, yes, I immediately took up her offer! I have really appreciated her help for many reasons, mostly because she has taken so much of her free time to help me and has put in her best effort to see that this story is the best it can be. All of her suggestions have been helpful in making not only my sentences/paragraphs clear, but the overall story as well while still letting me ultimately decide how I wanted to fix things. I know that this book will only be as good as it is when I eventually publish it because of her efforts.

So, thank you, thank you, thank you, Aunt Andrea! I couldn’t have asked for a better editor.

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Writing Buddies

Last Thursday afternoon I went to my cousin Erin‘s house for some much needed blogging, scrivenering and writing/editing time. Erin is a fellow blogger and writer (you can find her blog, One Word More, here) and we always have a good time when we work on our books together.

Erin and I often say how great it is to have a writing buddy. Until I moved to North Carolina a year ago, I hadn’t had a writing buddy quite like this in a long time. To clarify, I had friends who were also writers and I even participated in a writer’s club for a year. Those club meetings were great and I’m so glad I have those friends, but I had never taken away time to meet with one of those fellow writers, sit down and actually write together, along with discussing ideas and reading our work. I love having been able to do this with Erin several times over the past year. It is so encouraging to sit with a fellow writer who understands what it’s like to go through writer’s block and what it’s like when the characters end up writing the story for you, whether you like it or not. It’s also nice to have a writer friend who can tell you about writing tools and things they discover (like Scrivener and blogging) as they walk down the writer’s path with you.

I’m always telling people that writers need to stick together. Most of the time they laugh and smile in response. Yes, it sounds kind of funny, but it really is true. A writer can survive just fine on their own, but when they have a team, the process is a lot more enjoyable. There are many writers out there, but in a way, there are few of us. I always get excited when I meet another writer, no matter what age they are (okay, if I were being honest, it’s maybe a little more exciting when they’re closer to my age! But I greatly admire writers older than me who have been writing longer than me). Writers have to stick together because they all have one goal: to write a good story.

But there are more than just fellow writers in a writer’s team. Having parents and siblings who encourage me in my writing helps when I’m not sure if I’m spending my time wisely. Having friends who get excited about new developments in my writing helps when I wonder if my story is worth writing. Having writing buddies helps when I feel like I’m the only one trying to tell a story. But not just any story. Like I said above, a really good story that I would want to take time away from my day to read. A story that is either new, or brings a new perspective on something already known. A story that came from me.

All of these people have had a part in bringing about my final success (published novel) just as much as I, the writer, have. So, in short, I’m glad to have a new-not-so-new writing buddy. We cheer each other on and help each other out at all the right times. And I’m very thankful to all my friends and family who have supported me and my pursuit through the years. Even though Bridget’s Journey has been published for almost two years now, I am still getting praise and encouragement from family and friends about it, and it really makes my day! Thank you!