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ANNOUNCEMENT — NaNoWriMo 2015 Project

Some of you (if not most of you) know this already, but I am excited to officially announce to you that for NaNoWriMo in November (National Novel Writing Month) this year, the novel I will be writing is…

…a sequel to Bridget’s Journey!

When I first finished writing Bridget’s Journey, I did not have any idea at all of writing a sequel or prequel or anything pertaining to Bridget’s world. My mom was the one who originally put the thought in my head and, two years ago, while exploring the Blue Ridge Mountains on vacation, ideas started spurring. After collecting these ideas down on notepaper, though, I decided to set the idea aside for a later date. First I had to finish writing Everlasting and my two Saskatchewan novels (which were originally going to be just one long novel, but that’s a story for another day). As I approached the end of my Saskatchewan novels two years later, I decided that Bridget’s Journey the Sequel (this is what I have been calling it until I can figure out the final title) would be my NaNo 2015 project.

After reading Bridget’s Journey again since publishing it and putting together an outline for the new story, creating new characters and situations, I have recently (in between editing the Saskatchewan books and trying to get Everlasting ready for publication) begun the preparation process for this book. Mainly, research. This is a historical novel after all. I hate and love research, both at the same time. I hate it because it feels like a nuisance, but something I have to do in order to make my story accurate. But I love it because when I finally get around to doing the research, I’m learning more about history; the history of Prince Edward Island, Canada, the Prime Minister and other events. When I’m doing research, I remember why I write historical fiction, why I love writing historical fiction. Because of the history.

I don’t know what you fellow historical fiction writers out there do, but when I research, I mainly use library books (the ones I can find applicable to my time period and country, etc.), Google and Wikipedia. I know some people don’t like to use Wikipedia, but most of the time, the first article that pops up when I enter something in Google is…Wikipedia. Obviously, I read with discretion and look for other sources if I need to, but for the most part, Wikipedia has proven to be pretty accurate when it comes to historical events. I love that I can enter anything on Google and something related to what I’m looking for will always come up! I might have to do some digging or re-word my phrase or question, but I almost always find what I’m looking for (and it has images, which can help give a visual!). I love actually finding what I’m looking for in library books if I can, but unfortunately, books are limited. The Internet, relatively speaking, is not.

Before I close, to give you an idea of what is to come (and also to get you excited about the sequel!), I’ll give you a quick synopsis of the story so far (it might change a little as I write) without giving away too many spoilers:

The sequel will take place about seven years after the first book ended. Bridget will be twenty-one and inheriting her late father’s mansion and inheritance money that he had left behind for her. Bridget will have to visit Boston and decide what to do with the estate and the money. I will be showing what her island friends and Boston cousins are doing now as well as introduce some new characters and bring back some old. Although a good third of the book  will take place in Boston, I’m hoping to keep it centered in P.E.I. and have her there for most of the book, hopefully being able to give a glimpse of what life was like during the fall and winter on the island, since I have already shown spring and summer.

As NaNo approaches, this will probably not be the last time I write about my “journey” with the sequel…I’m excited to delve into this new story (i.e., start writing again!)…so, until then!

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Let the Blogging Begin!

Welcome to For a Thousand Words, my reading and writing blog! I am excited to share this with all of you.

On this blog, I plan to share my writing experiences including my current projects, encouragement to any other fellow writers out there and any writing tips I think valuable to share! Besides my writing life, though, I would also like to share my love of reading on this blog. Whenever I finish reading a good book that I think everyone has to read, I will share my thoughts and recommendations on it here. After all, as my grandma was telling me just a little while ago, every good writer is a good reader. One of the biggest ways I get better as a writer is by reading, reading and more reading!

To finish off (for now!), I will give you a quote from one of my favorite authors:

“Why do you keep reading a book? Usually to find out what happens. Why do you give up and stop reading it? There may be lots of reasons. But often the answer is you don’t care what happens. So what makes the difference between caring and not caring? The author’s cruelty. And the reader’s sympathy…it takes a mean author to write a good story.” -Gail Carson Levine (author of Ella Enchanted)