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Highlight: The Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins

I know what you’re all thinking, so I’ll say it first.

“Hold the phone–Valerie reads popular YA fiction? As in…something that’s not a classic or historical fiction??”

I’m here to tell you: yes, I sure do. Sometimes.

One of the first true YA fiction novels/series I read was The Hunger Games. After reading it over a year ago, I’m so excited to finally release my many feelings about it in this review…

What if the world treated you unfairly, but you didn’t feel like you could ever make a difference? Then, one day…everything changed and you suddenly had a chance to make a bigger difference than you ever could have imagined? This is exactly what happened to Katniss.

To give you a better perspective as you continue reading my review, I would like to give you a little backstory. These books were becoming wildly popular right around 2012 when the first movie was released. At the time, I was around 14 or 15 years old and coming from a conservative, homeschool family, I wasn’t allowed to read series like this. Therefore, only knowing the gist of the story (teenagers killing each other for no good reason) I had a very negative view of the trilogy in general for a long time. That is, until I saw one of the movies myself. For three years, I let scenes from Catching Fire settle in the back of my mind. Then, finally, I asked my mom if I could read the series. Of course, being an official adult and everything, she said I could now use my own discretion to decide what I should or shouldn’t read. So, a year ago, I read the Hunger Games trilogy for myself. And it changed me. How, you ask? Well, one, I realized that I can’t judge a series completely based off of stereotypes or what other people say about it. I have to decide how I feel about these things for myself. And two, I realized that Suzanne Collins is one of the best writers I’ve encountered in a while.

To check out the full review, follow the link!

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