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5 Reasons to Love Autumn

Before I begin, let’s take a moment to oodle over my featured image because it’s absolutely GORGEOUS! The reason I can brag about the awesomeness that is this photo is because…it isn’t mine. 😉 I downloaded it from a free photography website called Unsplash. If you’re ever in need of an aesthetic photo, this website is for you!

Today I wanted to post something a little different compared to what I normally write about.

Autumn is my very favorite season and as it has slowly entered my side of the world over the past few months, I came to realize just why I love autumn so much.

1. Fall Colors


Image by Chris Lawton

Watching the trees in and around our neighborhood and city turn from green to gold, red or yellow just takes my breath away every year. Until we moved to North Carolina, it was harder to appreciate this aspect of fall since the season only lasted about two weeks in Texas before all the leaves fell off the trees (most stayed green and didn’t change color, anyway). I love the gradual change of the leaves changing color throughout October and November. It doesn’t happen overnight, though it sometimes seems as if I blink and the world is suddenly bursting with beautiful colors.

2. Cooler Weather


Image by Amanda Bear

I don’t feel the need to expand too much on this point because I feel it is pretty self-explanatory. With the changing of summer to fall, the heat goes down and we finally start sweating less. 😉 But in all honesty, there is something much more carefree about breezy, 60s weather compared to the weighted down feel of 90s or 100s in humidity. When I walk outside and feel the wind rush over my skin, I feel as if I could jump up and fly!

3. Writing on Our Back Porch


Something I cannot do in the winter (too cold), spring (too much pollen) or summer (too hot) I can do in autumn: write on our back porch! The weather always cools down right in time for me and my sisters to haul our laptops to the back porch to write during NaNoWriMo each year. It’s a great way for us to write together and enjoy some outdoors while still getting work done!

4. Mint Tea


About two years ago, Mom gave me some peppermint tea when I was sick with a cold to help me feel better. I’d never liked tea much in the past, but always wanted to because it’s so Canadian and British to drink warm tea in the evenings. Well, I love all things mint…and this tea finally flipped the switch for me. While I still don’t enjoy Earl Grey or any kind of sweet tea, my palate has expanded and continues to do so! Needless to say, peppermint tea is still my favorite. 😉 Tea + fall + writing = Bliss

5. Self-Motivation


This is my favorite of the reasons why I love fall. More than New Years resolutions in January or the beginning of more free time in the summer, late August/early September and the start of a new school year is what really boosts my motivation to start afresh, set new goals and try new things. For whatever reason, spring and summer are always so busy with deadlines and events that I often feel more bogged down than excited. However, this year being no different, autumn comes around right when I’m ready to try setting weekly goals for myself or read a new series or get in the habit of writing a little bit every day. There’s something about the new during this time that sets a mood of invigoration that tends to last until Christmas! (Now if I could only find a way to make it last all year…)

I’d love to hear the reasons you love fall or see other beautiful fall photos you might have found online (or even taken yourself) in the comments below!


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