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My Passport to Pinterest Tag

Today I wanted to try something new!

A fellow writer and blogger that I met through Lumerit’s (my college) Facebook group tagged me in this fun post idea! Here are the instructions to this fun activity that Rayleigh detailed in her post (which you can find for yourself here):


Created & Tagged by Livy at Livy Lynn Blog.

About the Tag-From Livy:

Pinterest is my happy place. My darling boards are sprinkled with puppy dogs, castles, the rainy streets of London, and LOTS and LOTS of pink! Pinterest is such a wonderful place to express yourself, share your personality, and design a visual haven of all the things you adore! So naturally, loving Pinterest as much as I do, I decided to create the Passport to Pinterest (Bloggers Tag!)

As bloggers, I know we’re always brainstorming fun new post ideas. So what could be more fun than mixing your enjoyment of blogging, with your passion for Pinterest?


1. Open your Boards.

2. Open (Or any random number generator website or app of your choosing.)

3. Enter the number of pins on your first board. For example, my first board is “Hair {S T Y L E S}” with 35 Pins. So I typed in the number 35.

4. Click “Generate.” (I got 4)!

5. Find that number pin on your board (I used my 4th).

6. Share the image of that Pin in your new Blog Post, and a little blurb about why it’s important to you!

7. Continue the process with ALL or as many of your boards as you like!

8. Tag another blogger! (Or two, or three…or ten! The more, the merrier! :D)

(Link back to thank the blogger who tagged you!)

I don’t believe I’ve ever posted about Pinterest in the past, so this should be a fun way to introduce you to my Pinterest life (granted, I don’t use it as much as most people 😉 )! I have quite a few writer friends who like to utilize Pinterest as a sort of visual storyboard to ignite their creativity, but I think I use mine more as a place to organize my many fandoms. Not ashamed. 😉

{For the Love of Reading}


How fitting that the randomly selected pin from my {For the Love of Reading} board should come from one of the most recent bandwagons I jumped on. I have only been a solid Hunger Games fan for about 9 months (since I finished reading the trilogy for the first time around Christmas), but man, has this series changed my reading/writing life. I’ve been wanting to articulate my thoughts on this series ever since I finished reading it, so hopefully this pin is enough to inspire me to FINALLY write that post soon. 🙂



But I seriously need this pillow in my life. There is nothing worse than being disturbed while writing the scene or when you’re finally getting into the writing mode and words are coming faster than you can type. Maybe this pillow would solve all those interruptions…maybe not. 😉

{Inspirational Quotes and Bible Verses}

Inspirational Quotes and Bible Verses Pin

I love quotes like this that remind us to remember what really matters in life. Too often we (yes, including me) get caught up in the here and now (grades, arguments, relationships, disappointments, etc.) and forget that a lot of the nitty-gritty stuff we deal with every day doesn’t matter in the long run. Let’s strive to keep what’s really important in mind as we go about our daily lives!



I actually only have three pins in this board so far since I just recently created it, but I absolutely love these easy-to-make sandwiches!



Disney is a fandom I’ve been a part of since before I knew what fandoms were and I’m pretty sure it’s one I’ll never get tired of. Disney movies often hold themes that ring true for all ages and I have found time and time again that a Disney or Disney/Pixar movie that entertained me when I was young, greatly impacted me when I was old enough to understand the underlying messages.

{Period Dramas and Movies}


Because I love anything British TV and yes…Colin Firth is the first and last Mr. Darcy for me. 😉

{Funny Moments}


I feel justified now.

{Korean Drama Moments}


I believe I revealed my secret obsession for all things Korean in my 18th Birthday blog post two years ago, but I’ll admit to it again: Korean Dramas and K-Pop have taken over my life and MADE IT BETTER.

{Dream High}


One of the first K-Dramas we ever watched and to this day it is still one of my ultimate favorites. ❤


Everlasting Pin

I also have a few boards designated for my books. This board mostly holds quotes from Everlasting, but there might be some discount alerts or links for purchasing as well.

{Bridget’s Journey}

Bridget Returns Pin

This board holds some links to and quotes from Bridget’s Journey, but I also used it as an inspiration board when I was writing Bridget Returns. This is one of the few images I collected of early 20th century New England streets. I love all their hats!

{For a Thousand Words}

For a Thousand Words Pin

And last but not least, this board holds links to my blog posts. I love that this image was my randomly selected pin. My first (and only so far…come on, Val) blog post dedicated solely as a book review on one book (versus five books, which is what I normally do). I loved creating this post a year and a half ago. Now I’m even more motivated to write my Hunger Games book review! 🙂 (It will happen!)

I had so much fun putting together this post and I hope you enjoyed reading it! Do you share some of these fandoms with me? I know I’m not alone. 😉 Let me know in the comments below!

Let’s spread the fun! I tag:

Erin Phillips – One Word More

Ashley Elliott – inklings press

AnnaScott Cross – Simply Edifying






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