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Bridget Returns

I am so excited to tell you that I will no longer have to refer to my novel as Bridget’s Journey the Sequel or the abbreviation I cam up with: BJ2. After beginning this book last November and determined to come up with a title a couple weeks ago, it finally came upon me when I wasn’t even thinking about it. I was coming up with a hashtag after updating my status on my Facebook page and there it was. The title I’d been waiting so patiently for.

For the past few days I waffled back and forth between Bridget’s Return or Bridget Returns. A small detail, yes, but I still had to choose one. After asking for several opinions, I finally decided to just choose the one I liked best.

Bridget Returns.

As Bridget’s Journey is double meaning (the physical journey she takes from Boston, Massachusetts to Prince Edward Island as well as the spiritual journey she takes from non-believer to believer), Bridget Returns is double meaning as well (just what these two meanings are, you will have to wait and see!). I really wanted a title that included Bridget’s name, of course, but I also wanted to make sure my title didn’t sound like a “finale” in case I write more one day. While I don’t have ideas for a third currently, the more I write in Bridget Returns, the more easily I can foresee myself continuing Bridget’s story. I hadn’t thought I’d write a sequel when I first finished writing Bridget’s Journey three or four years ago. Yet, here I am. So who knows? Maybe Bridget’s Journey will become not a stand-alone, not just it and its companion, but a series?

Anyway, BJ2 now has a real title and I can stop referring to it as Bridget’s Journey the Sequel. Hooray! Another reason I wanted to write up this post was to update you on my progress. I had a wonderful week of writing last week. I wrote more this week than I have in months. The story is coming along really well–better than it has since NaNoWriMo! I’ve worked on plot issues and changes almost every day and I really feel like I’m getting somewhere and that that somewhere is good. Basically, I’m having a great time. I’m only five scenes shy of finishing the middle section of the novel and then I’ll be in the home stretch, i.e., building to the climax and settling into the resolution. I’m super excited to reach that part of the book!

I just calculated how many words I wrote this past week and while I knew it was many, I was still blown away. I wrote 22,672 words in one week. One week! That’s half of what I wrote in the whole month of November last year. I guess it just goes to show what a little free time and determination can do. 🙂

I know I’ll finish the middle section this week and I’m hoping to complete the novel by next week, which at this rate, doesn’t seem as far-fetched anymore! I’ll be sure to let you know as soon I finish Bridget Returns. It’s going to be an exciting day that’s not too far off after all!

To finish this blog post up, I’ll give you a quote from my writing last week, to whet your appetite. Enjoy! 🙂

What would she have done if God had not saved her seven years ago? She could not have come this far without Him. It pained her to think there was someone in the world who had seen so much sadness and did not have a relationship with God to rely upon. ~Bridget Returns



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