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Third Five Books of 2015

Here are books 11-15 that I read between the months of May and June (you can check out books 1-5 here and books 6-10 here).

In case you were wondering, the reason I remember each book I have read so far (and in the order I read them and in which month) is because I keep a list. Whenever I finish a book, I write the title, author and date down in my planner. It’s also an easy way to keep track of how many I’ve read and how many are left to reach my goal!

As of right now, I have read 27 books, leaving me with 13 books left to read–in just two and a half short months! Can I do it? Yes! Will I set aside enough time to do so? … Hopefully! (<–I wrote this last fall before 2015 was out, but decided to keep this in anyway. :))

*SPOILER!* I may include some of the book’s plot/content in my reviews for them, so if you haven’t read one or more of these yet and want to read it without spoilers, then you can just skip down. *

11. Meet Kit by Valerie Tripp – In order to make sure I reach my goal, I have been including books that we listen to on audio while driving to and fro in the car. One of the audio series’ we finished this past summer was the American Girl Kit series. I used to read these when I was younger and loved them! Listening to them in the car with my mom and sisters again has been fun, reminding me what happened in the book as opposed to what happened in the movie (which I watch more often than I read).

12. * Lily’s Crossing by Patricia Reilly Giff – I really enjoyed listening to this book in the car! This one is set during World War II about a girl living with her grandmother until her father comes home (he leaves to fight on the battle front in Europe). She befriends a refugee boy staying with a neighbor, escaping from the dangers of Hungary. Two children caught in between the struggles and sorrow of the war in Europe. An unlikely friendship turned out to be just what they needed to help them get through the tough times as they wait patiently for Lily’s father and Albert’s sister to return to them. I love stories that take place during World War II and this insight into the life of an ordinary young girl during this time period was very fun and interesting!

13, 14 and 15. Kit Learns a Lesson, A Surprise for Kit and Happy Birthday, Kit! by Valerie Tripp – This continues the American Girl Kit series we listened to in the car. My favorite time periods span from Civil War in the 1860s until World War II in the 1940s. The Great Depression which took place in the 1930s fascinates me, especially the Dust Bowl, which is only mentioned in the Kit series. In these books, 9 and then 10 year old Kit has to learn that during tough times, sacrifices must be made, even just for simple reasons, like being able to pay the mortgage each month. Her family takes in boarders, Kit is moved to the attic and she has more chores and less free time. But she never gives up on her writing, typing up articles often on her black typewriter. That is probably one of the main reasons I like Kit. She is a writer like me and doesn’t give up on her dream of one day becoming published.

Well, that is all for now! Sorry for the delay. Keep a look out for Fourth Five Books of 2015 soon! Only three more posts to go and I will be finished with the books I read in 2015.

*Books that I highly recommend have a * next to them

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