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NaNoWriMo Update: 23K–11.17.15

NaNoWriMo 2015 Poster

I have been meaning to update everyone on my NaNoWriMo progress, but I have either been busy WRITING (as I should), doing schoolwork or off to some activity at church, with friends, etc.

It is halfway through November, halfway through NaNoWriMo. This is normally when thing start winding down…the flow of inspiration is slowing, the excitement is waning and our word count is dwindling. As of this afternoon after a wonderful writing session at Bass Lake near where I live, I am at 23,000 words. This is technically almost 6,000 words behind where I should be, but overall, I’m feeling good about where I am. I am almost finished the Beginning section in Scrivener and ready to move on to the Middle section, where most of the action is happening. I have had worry moments here and there while writing, but for the most part, I’m feeling pretty good about my characters and the storyline and where all of it is headed. Some scenes are harder to write than others, some are not as exciting or interesting as others, but they are (almost) all necessary.

As I’ve been telling friends and family lately, I have loved being able to use Scrivener this NaNo. I have everything plotted out scene by scene (and when something comes up and I realize I need another scene in between this one and that one, I just add it and move it to where it needs to be!!). Doing things this way has really helped me implement the lesson my amazing editor has tried to teach me this summer and fall: Less is More. Over describing and going on and on about something is one of my biggest writing weaknesses. When all the necessary scenes are plotted out for me, there is no room for any fiddling around because I don’t know what should happen next or I don’t want to start the next big point yet. There isn’t a blank document that goes on for page after page. There are scene blocks. When I finish one scene, I go to the next block and write that scene. Just that scene. No dilly-dallying. When I write scenes that are straight to the point, it takes a little bit of my spontaneity away, yes, but it gives me structure and less elbow room for needless descriptions and thoughts that go on and on. This has really helped me grow as a writer already, I can tell, and I’m sure it will continue to.

I think so far I have met up with my writing buddy, Erin (who is blowing the word count out of the water!!), every Thursday for the past couple of weeks to do writing sprints together for an hour or two. This has been really encouraging, fun and helpful as always and great accountability for the week and a time to catch up on those words if we’ve had a bad week writing-wise. Yay for writing buddies!

Before I finish up this post, I want to let all of you know that Sandrine, my sister-artist, has finished drawing/painting the cover for Everlasting! Now I just have to touch up a few things in the Everlasting document, wait for Dad to finish up the map and send for the proof copy! I will keep you updated as things continue on toward publication. Also, I hope to finish my Third Five Books of 2015 post soon and that I will hopefully give you another NaNo update before the end of November! 🙂

Until then, here is a snippet of what I’ve been writing in Bridget’s Journey the Sequel (title still under contemplation), something I wrote today, hopefully without giving too much away!!

(Bridget’s Journey the Sequel) Grandmother looked up at the night sky again. “There are seasons in all our lives. You are right. Gabriel, Giny and I are in one of the later seasons. We are getting old. What happens when people get old is dat dey are weaker and more easily tired. Gabriel works very hard, but he takes more naps now. He is still strong and clear-minded, tank da Lord, but he does need more rest now. My hands don’t work like dey used to and even Giny is starting to get headaches and tings.
“But we have great help. We have good neighbors like Mr. Phillips and Jean-Marc to help us and a very good granddaughter who does most of da barn chores and never complains.” She nudged Bridget’s shoulder, smiling. “Just like we ‘old people’ need rest at da end of day, or in da middle sometimes, you need rest at da end of da year, or in da middle sometimes, too. You haven’t been given a true time of rest in quite a few years. Don’t you tink it’s time you rested now?”
Bridget was quiet, thinking.
“Bridget…you’re twenty-one years old. What are you going to do wit da rest of your life?”
Bridget looked up, somewhat surprised by this sudden question.
But Grandmother wasn’t looking for an answer right now. “You are not a child anymore. You are all grown up. What are you going to do wit da life and talents God has given you? Maybe you should spend dat time in Boston tinking about dat.”



6 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo Update: 23K–11.17.15

  1. I’ve heard of Scrivener, quite a few people have recommended it to me and it sounds like you would recommend it too. I’m certainly curious about it but I have a few questions. Is it really pricey? Where did you find it? Is it just like a story plotting program?

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    1. I definitely recommend Scrivener wholeheartedly, even though Ive only had it for a few months!
      I can’t remember how much it is exactly–somewhere between $20 and $30, I believe, depending on of you have a Mac or not (more expensive for the Mac). I’ll send you a link on a minute, but it’s basically a writing program. You use it instead of Word. It has everything you need, mainly a place to store your research, character sketches and the actual story all together in one place (no more going from doc to doc). It’s hard to explain, but it also has other features, like a name generator (gives you idea for first or last names). It’s well worth the buy and you can use it for many different projects!!

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