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Little Bit of This, Little Bit of That: Update on “Everlasting”

Life is busy. I’m not just a writer or a reader, but a student, both high school and college now. I have college classes and co-op classes and church activities to keep up with as well as my personal goals…like publishing Everlasting.

For almost two weeks, our grandma (mom’s mom) has been visiting us from Canada and it has been wonderful to catch up with her, go shopping and watch our favorite movies and TV shows together (including Christmas movies! No, it’s never too early for Christmas movies). She came down to see our (my sisters, Sandrine, Chloe and I) baptism a week ago today and I’m so glad she could be here for that.

As I wait for the finishing touches on Everlasting, I have been doing “a little bit of this and a little bit of that”. Sandrine is halfway finished the cover–we bought her some new Copic markers for the final draft which she will begin coloring soon–and Dad has started on the map.

During this time, in my awesome screened-in porch, I have finished outlining my NaNoWriMo 2015 novel, Bridget’s Journey the Sequel (yup, official title is still up in the air at this point), and have picked up editing tentatively titled The Moonrose Sisters (my NaNo 2014 novel which I finished writing this past June), sequel to The Whistler Daughters which I finished writing June of last year. I hadn’t looked at this one in a while and it has been great to spend time with Erica and her friends and family (in case you’re wondering, these are my characters 😉 ) this past week. I only have a few chapters left before I’m done going through it once and making notes on things I want to change next time around. I’m hoping to finish this first go-through of the book and publish Everlasting by the end of October in time to focus on NaNo in November.

One thing is for sure…as much I have loved editing The Moonrose Sisters again and as much as I look forward to holding Everlasting in my own hands soon, I’m itching to pick up the pencil and write again!

Just for fun, I wanted to include a little peek into my editing from this week–just to get you hooked to Erica’s story! Enjoy!!

(Excerpt from The Moonrose Sisters)

At the play, Erica waited backstage with the other actors and actresses for intermission. She paced back and forth, using Kinsley’s exercises to continue calming her nerves. Her face was flushed and her hands shaking, but she wanted to be grateful to Irisa. She wanted to appreciate this ‘kind’ gesture. She peeked around the curtain at the audience.

            Wait…this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. This kind of thing could never have happened in Birchston. I used to dream of playing piano on a stage. Now I am about to do so. Enjoy it, for it may not happen again.

            Erica took a deep breath and smiled. But it wasn’t forced this time. Wouldn’t Mr. Mackenzie be proud? If only he could be here to watch…

            The curtains closed as the actors and actresses filled backstage. Erica pushed some strands of blonde hair behind her ears and stepped on stage. Applause filled the theater as her trembling legs brought her to the shiny piano on a corner of the large stage. She sat down and set her quivering hands to the black and white keys. She took another deep breath and started playing. She played one of Bach’s symphonies followed by one of his minuets. Her fingers flew across the keyboard and she had to steady herself in order not to play too quickly. She glanced at the audience every couple of minutes to see how they were paying attention, but it was hard to distinguish anything in the dark theater as she squinted in the blare of the lights onstage.

            She savored the moment. She relished the sound of the music echoing across to the faraway walls of the building. She looked up at the tall carved ceilings and pressed the pedals at her feet with enthusiasm. She wished she could see Father’s and Mother’s faces at this moment. She wondered if Irisa was even paying attention…but Gail would be. She would be savoring this moment right along with her.

            The intermission ended. Erica played the last note, stood and bowed before the audience. They applauded ferociously, but perhaps it only seemed ferocious to her because there were so many people before her. She looked up, her ears ringing and turning red. A few clumps of people were standing and cheering. Erica’s smile couldn’t have been wider. It turned out to be just the sort of gift she needed at that exact time. A gift she would treasure forever.


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