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I Have the Best Editor Ever!

For almost a year, my aunt Andrea and I have been working together on the Everlasting project. Since she joined the editing boat with me last November or so, we have successfully gone through it twice together (I also went through it once more on my own in between). Over the Labor Day weekend, instead of relaxing with her husband, my Uncle Steve, or watching some TV, she sat down and edited and e-mailed me 16 CHAPTERS! 16 chapters in the course of 3 days!!! On Thursday, she sent me the last two chapters and epilogue of Everlasting. She has been an editing machine! I still have to apply the edits from most of those chapters as activities at community college and church (and homework) have kept me away from my laptop, but her side of the work is done! As soon as I’m done applying all those edits (hopefully I will be finished with that this time next week) I can start the self-publishing process on CreateSpace.

This time last year, I was trying to find someone to go through Everlasting with me before I attempted self-publishing it, but it was difficult as we had just moved from Texas and all my reading and writing friends were suddenly not as close as they used to be. After quite a few months of waiting for the right partner to team up with me, Aunt Andrea mentioned during one of her visits to our house that if I ever needed someone to look at my stories, she would be happy to help. So, yes, I immediately took up her offer! I have really appreciated her help for many reasons, mostly because she has taken so much of her free time to help me and has put in her best effort to see that this story is the best it can be. All of her suggestions have been helpful in making not only my sentences/paragraphs clear, but the overall story as well while still letting me ultimately decide how I wanted to fix things. I know that this book will only be as good as it is when I eventually publish it because of her efforts.

So, thank you, thank you, thank you, Aunt Andrea! I couldn’t have asked for a better editor.


3 thoughts on “I Have the Best Editor Ever!

  1. Thank you for your gracious words, Valerie! It’s been wonderful to be able to support you in this project! And can’t wait to hold Everlasting in my hands when it’s in print!


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